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Dental Services

We embrace holistic development within our sectors.

To make your billing-related concerns simpler, use the best dental billing services. Ziaccu, a reputable dental billing firm, uses the greatest strategies and techniques to assist you in resolving billing issues and producing exceptional profits. Our major objective is to aid in the recovery of any insurance funds owing to your office. This necessitates our cooperation in some parts of the processing of your insurance claim in order to keep your insurance account amounts beyond ninety (90) days to a bare minimum.

Dental Billing Services

Understanding the process of dental billing for seamless operations

Dental billing is the process used to get payment from insurance companies by a clinic or a single practitioner. Ziaccu streamlines the information collection process with simplified techniques and strategies because it is a complicated procedure that depends on several regulatory laws. Why to get stuck in maintenance of bills when you can outsource them to experts and enjoy working in a peaceful manner. Our company will handle all your queries and will offer seamless billing services. 

The Promise of the Dental Billing Brand

With an effective management system, Ziaccu provides a full-service dental services billing solution with a significant focus on increasing your account receivables. You can rely on us to handle everything perfectly, from ensuring all of your insurance claims are completed to recovering all the money you possess!

  • You will receive all that is owed to you in full.
  • We provide payment-ready claims within one business day.
  • In a single day, we post all payments to patient ledgers.
  • Your insurance rates for dental services are decreased from 90% to 0% by us (and keep it there).
  • At least once every ten business days, we follow up on all claims that have been pending for 30 days or more.

How Do Dental Billing Procedures Operate?

We input a patient’s data into the electronic billing program as soon as they register at your clinic and a claim is created.

The patient’s information is examined from every angle. We make sure that no claims are handled without being verified.

We handle the claims for submission to the appropriate insurance carriers as soon as the requirements are met.

The team enters the payment immediately into the patient’s ledger after the insurance provider receives it.

We advise depositing checks the following day to guarantee that cheques cover the whole day’s payments.  This makes the process of billing really easy. 

Immediately submit all insurance claims electronically.

We promise that your billing claims will be efficiently and promptly forwarded to trustworthy insurance companies. To ensure accuracy, we electronically email each claim, whether it is primary or secondary. If you have been handling claims manually up until this point, we can help you set up an electronic claim system, and we will work with your current system.

Review of Denied Claims

Since each claim is examined before processing, there is essentially little chance of rejection. If a claim is rejected, we have a distinct staff devoted to expeditiously and thoroughly reviewing contested claims. They initiate the process immediately, investigate the grounds for the rejection, and, whenever practical, submit an appeal.

Process Checking

A team of professionals dedicated to confirming the creation of each insurance claim is available through Ziaccu. They ensure that each claim is produced promptly and has the required data, enabling the error to be fixed and your receivables to function properly.

Electronic Attachments

Since it is more effective to utilize electronic attachments for dental billing and coding, we always send claims to insurance companies electronically. These attachments are examined and verified before being distributed to prevent errors and inconvenience. If an insurance provider does not accept electronic files, we can handle a paper attachment through the mail.

Bringing to mind Missing Information

Before any claim is processed and sent to the insurance company, Ziaccu’s staff is committed to obtaining any missing information from your patients. Ziaccu is your premium dental billing company. The group assessing claims will submit cases to professionals to retrieve lost data when they find it.

Advanced Dental Billing Solution by Ziaccu

With effective procedures and processes, we, as a top dental billing firm, have contributed to the success of countless dental clinics. To ensure your cash flows are on pace and you receive what you are owed, we take care of everything, from drafting the most precise dental bill claims to have them paid on time.

The fact that we provide intelligent patient scheduling is the finest feature of our dental billing service. Your patients may set up appointments using our web system in real-time. Additionally, it creates a waiting list of patients and refreshes it whenever a place opens available.

Ziaccu provides the most convenient and time-saving dental billing outsourcing solution. With the help of our dental billing software, we can simplify all the factors that make your existing billing procedure lengthy. We can handle your billing so you may concentrate on more vital tasks.

One of the top dental billing companies, Ziaccu, can automate your whole billing process and provide you with the ability to manage cash flows. Everything is entered into the system, making tracing late payments and follow-up simpler. Finally, you’ll be able to control your financial flows in any way you choose!

You will have ample time to provide patients with the highest quality care now that professionals manage your dental billing process. Additionally, the organized billing processes save you from having to surprise patients with co-payment checks. It can significantly increase patient satisfaction.

Your peace of mind would undoubtedly be at the top of your dental services procedures running efficiently, patient satisfaction rose, and cash flows were controlled. Finally, you may concentrate on your practice’s key areas while anticipating development and growth. Connect with our team at Ziaccu and enjoy your billing services handled by experts.

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