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Behavioral & Mental Health

We embrace holistic development within our sectors.

With the aid of our powerful mental health billing software, Ziaccu offers unmatched behavioral health billing services. We also have a group of knowledgeable mental health billing specialists and coders working for us. Our solutions serve numerous doctors, hospitals, and medical billing organizations. To ensure that you receive quality assistance with medical coding or billing, our coders follow AMA and CMS criteria while coding. Our staff of knowledgeable billers and coders stays current with the latest pertinent HIPAA rules. Additionally, they are familiar with the ICD codes for behavioral and mental health, enabling practitioners to always submit accurate claims and significantly lower denial rates.

Behavioral health billing services from the best in the industry

We at Ziaccu have the best understanding to offer billing services in the health and behavioral field. For therapists, counselors, psychologists, psychiatrists, APRNs, ABA, and SLP practitioners working in a variety of mental health, behavioral, and drug misuse fields, Ziaccu offers extensive insurance and patient billing capabilities. Our dependable software and psychiatric billing services are available to practices of all sizes, and they may profit from them. We rank among the top behavioral health billing firms today because of the insurance and billing services for behavioral health that we provide together.

Process for Insurance Claims and Patient Billing that is Effective

The world of health insurance billing is a fertile ground for errors, bad calculations, and miscalculations. Ziaccu efficiently manages the claims procedure for Medicare, Medicaid, and private insurance programs. Our acceptance rate for submitted work is unbeatable. The revenue cycle management (RCM) used by Ziaccu’s behavioral health billing solutions includes cutting-edge, modern tools that are intended to reduce mistakes. This RCM was created especially for the Behavioral Health sector. It is a free solution to promote superior administrative and financial performance results.

We have experience managing and enhancing the revenue of behavioral and mental health clinics. Our team concentrates on simplifying your revenue cycle process as a whole to prevent denials. Ziaccu concentrates on your administrative tasks while assisting you in making better use of your workforce for patient care. We present to you a group of experts who are:

  • Has undergone training in the most popular medical coding software and is certified by the American Association of Professional Coders (AAPC).
  • able to process medical claims successfully with the majority of common commercial insurance providers, including UHC, WellPoint, Aetna, Humana BCBS, and Anthem, as well as government payers like Medicare
  • Successfully utilizing Medicare and comprehending Medicaid policies that are distinctive to each state.
  • Cost-saving experts who can assist you in enhancing clinical and operational outcomes
  • Dedicated prior authorization staff to guarantee accurate patient data collecting

Alerts for Expiring Documents

When a document’s expiration date is approaching, our automated notifications prompt you to send an email informing you of the date. To save you the trouble of re-credentialing, Ziaccu will also manage your insurance panel revalidations. This is just one excellent illustration of how we streamline the billing process for mental health treatments. We have the best team who is well trained and experienced so that you can get perfect outcomes without any hassles. Focus on other areas of your business, and we will focus on the billing services. 

The Best Behavioral Health Medical Billing Service: Why Ziaccu?


Since we at Ziaccu are aware of how frustrating the credentialing process may be, we work to offer you the finest insurance credentialing services to support you during this excruciatingly drawn-out procedure. As soon as possible, we can assist in getting your facility, group practice, and providers in-network with insurance panels.

Financial Management

Our behavioral health billing software includes an RCM claims engine that enables mental and behavioral health practitioners to manage their revenue cycle in a way that guarantees successful claim submission and prompt reimbursement.

CAQH Profile Creation

Clients of Ziaccu obtain the most thorough profile as part of our Behavioral Health credentialing services package – at no additional charge. None of the other credentialing organizations offer this service as a component of their cred package or the comprehensive profile services that we do. With a thoroughly prepared CAQH profile, we assist our clients in being accepted into panels more quickly.

Medical Billing Services with Behavioral and Mental Health Knowledge

Our psychiatric billing services staff of billers and coders for behavior and mental health has received specialized training and can provide data-driven solutions to enhance your revenue cycle. Our clientele includes a diverse spectrum of hospitals, medical billing businesses, and physician offices across all 50 states. Based on CMS and AMA criteria, our coders are skilled in ICD-9/10, CPT, and HCPCS coding and have earned certification from the American Academy of Professional Coders (AAPC).

The HIPAA rules for behavior and mental health billing and coding are kept up to date by our staff. To prevent long-term denials, we secure previous authorization of the patient’s eligibility & benefits with mental health insurance. We can submit accurate claims since our staff of medical billers and coders is immediately familiar with the ICD codes for behavior and mental health. The best practices listed below are what we advise.

Better is having more details. 

Our staff asks the patient for all relevant information, such as alternate contact information (phone numbers, addresses, kind of insurance, social security number, etc.). We can reduce the time it takes to check on claims by ensuring we have all the information we need before calling an insurance company.

Speciali zed solutions. 

Thanks to our team’s expertise in addressing the specifics of Behavior & Mental health billing, you may avoid unneeded difficulties or delays.

Invoke Follow-Up. 

Our psychiatric billing services staff regularly monitors filed claims to identify and address concerns with rejections without going over the allotted time.

HBAI and CPT codes. 

We keep up with the annual CPT code changes and have a thorough grasp of how to use HBAI codes when billing for mental health treatments provided to little effect while treating a physical health issue.

We are here to help you out. Our team at Ziaccu helps perfect psychiatric billing services. If you are looking for expert guidance, give us a call today, and let’s help you out with the best. 

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