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Radiology Billing Services

We embrace holistic development within our sectors.

Ziaccu provides transparent, end-to-end radiology billing services and RCM to assist you in improving reimbursement and managing your billing process. Our knowledgeable billing specialists will collaborate to ensure you receive the most refund for your billing services. Additionally, we provide a full range of tools and resources, including a secure online portal, round-the-clock customer service, and a platform seamlessly linked with all applications, to assist you in managing your billing process. Get in touch with us to learn more about our radiology billing services and how we can help you optimize your compensation.

Payment Denials and Delays for Radiology Services?

The billing for radiology is distinct from other medical billing. Imaging methods are used by radiology billing services to identify and treat ailments. As the Radiology equipment continues to develop in technology, billing gets more challenging. The latest updates to the CPT Codes for Radiology Billing Services must be regularly updated. As a result, radiologists are under pressure to stay current on CPT codes and billing practices.

Unlike other medical disciplines, which only have one billing component, radiology billing services have two. The Professional Component and the Technical Component are the two billing components. Utilizing radiology machines, apparatus, and dyes comes within the professional component category, whereas radiologists’ interpretation of diagnostic results does not.

Why Is It Important To Contract With A Revenue Cycle Management Company For Radiology Medical Billing Services?

Both the billing and coding processes and the healthcare industry are constantly evolving. Many healthcare organizations outsource their radiology medical billing services to revenue cycle management (RCM) businesses to simplify these procedures and increase accuracy. The advantages of outsourcing radiology medical billing services are numerous and include the following:

  • increased efficiency and accuracy
  • fewer claim rejections
  • better collections
  • prioritize patient care more

Any healthcare organization that wishes to increase its income bottom line could outsource its radiology medical billing services. RCM Companies can do the job correctly while allowing your personnel to concentrate on other crucial responsibilities because they have the skills and knowledge necessary.

How Do You Pick a Radiology Billing Company?

Every healthcare provider requires a reputable and skilled medical billing partner to which they may pledge their financial stability. The Radiology Billing Service Company should provide better reimbursement and more control over the revenue generation process and satisfy the demands of Revenue Cycle Management.

Service Cost

The Service Cost is the first factor that most businesses consider when selecting a radiology billing service. Established RCM providers in the sector can provide services at reasonable prices. Low-key radiology medical billing services may provide services at reduced charges. The lower price might be a result of the subpar service.


The billing and coding processes for radiology are more complicated, and it might be challenging to locate the precise Service Codes without overlapping them. Numerous radiology medical billing has been compelled to outsource their billing and coding operations due to their complexity. Ziaccu has ten years of expertise in reimbursement, low denials, and high revenue, and its clients have seen results. Our crew receives frequent training and updates on the most recent industry codes.

Highly qualified personnel: 

Accurate radiology billing necessitates someone with specialized training and prior billing expertise. Therefore, the Radiology Billing Company you select should employ Certified Medical Billers and Coders. Certified staff efficiently submit claims and efficiently collect money from patients and insurance providers.

Data Security and Integrity:

For Data Security and Integrity with any Healthcare Software, select a Revenue Cycle Management (RCM) Solutions Company that adheres to High-Quality Standards, such as Ziaccu. For improved problem identification, decision-making, and execution, we may design unique radiology medical billing reports.

More than 100 clients from renowned hospitals and healthcare facilities use Ziaccu ‘s diagnostic and interventional radiology services. Please become a member of our network to benefit from our business intelligence.

What Are The Radiology Billing Services Coding Requirements?

We concentrate more on CPT and DX -Codes during Billing Services to Reduce Denial Rates and Increase Revenue because Radiology is inextricably linked to employing cutting-edge technologies and cutting-edge medications.

Radiology Billing Services should adhere to several distinct coding guidelines to achieve effective and accurate billing. First, the most recent coding conventions should be used to code all services. This entails utilizing the most recent versions of the ICD-10 Coding Manual and the CPT Coding Manual for all diagnosis and procedure codes.

Services for the accurate radiology coding

Our medical coders have decades of experience coding numerous radiology procedures and the relevant modifiers in our radiology medical billing business. We stay current on all billing and coding changes required for accurate claims.

As part of our Revenue Management Services, we now provide non-interventional treatments for Radiology in addition to interventional procedures. Our AAPC-certified coders are adept in documenting a range of imaging techniques, including:

  • Methods in Nuclear Medicine, 
  • MRI, 
  • ultrasound tomography, 
  • and X-ray Interventional 
  • Radiology
  • Diagnostic and therapeutic radiology are two fields in which we excel in billing services.

What Justifies is Ziaccu  Handling Your Medical Billing?

You won’t have to fight to manage these procedures internally since our team of billing specialists can handle payor contracts, payor credentialing, collections, and reconciliation of patient invoices. Consider combining all of your radiology management services with Ziaccu  for the following reasons:

  • Knowledgeable of all CMS Professional Services-Related Rulings, Major Private Payers, and Government Programs, including Medicare, Medicaid, and Medi-Cal Billing
  • QA program, onsite radiology, teleradiology, a turnkey bespoke solution including medical billing for radiology operations
  • Allow us to take on the responsibility of obtaining payment for the work we read so that you may expand your practice.
  • Devoted to provide top-notch patient care because invoicing is sometimes the final interaction consumers have with their providers

You are working with a radiology business committed to lifting the standard in all parts of the patient experience, from report turnaround through billing, when you choose to contract with Ziaccu for medical billing. Working with Ziaccu assures your radiology billing companies that we offer ongoing care and support throughout the patient journey. This results in a win-win situation for both you and your patients.

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