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EHR Software Solution

We embrace holistic development within our sectors.

Our Electronic Health Records (EHR) Software:

Keep Your Business Going

Professional Touch Of Healthcare Providers

Professional Touch Of Healthcare Providers

Our goal is to provide a robust EHR Software Solution that functions hassle-free. Ziaccu clinical is built by our army of expert healthcare providers. It’s as easy to use as a cakewalk.

EHR Program Functional In Minutes

EHR Program Functional In Minutes

Our EHR application is cloud-based. It's easy to operate and needn't require any software or hardware. Since it is unique in functionality, you only need to input basic information after signing up, and you are good to go.

Full Support Provided

Full Support Provided

To provide you error-free experience, our EHR software solution is a one-stop solution. Still, we care about our clients and thus provide 24*7 customer support.

Improvised EHR application makes the medical practitioner remain focused on smooth day-to-day functions, comply with MACRA, and gain easy payment methods.

Ziaccu EHR program is ideal to use for private and government medical practitioners. We deliver what we promise.

Our expert team of healthcare providers will be glad to walk you through our well-designed electronic health records software. Want to know more?

Specifically Designed EHR Software Solution For Healthcare Providers For A Quick And Hassle-Free Experience.

Adaptive, Fasten, Caring

Ziaccu clinical is a client-centric EHR application. The processing is adaptive, connects you in seconds, and is easy to handle.

We provide customized note type superbill that is as easy to use as counting at your fingertips.

Ziaccu clinical is user-friendly with apple devices. Now you can see appointments, send superbills, and write important notes.

Marking important patient notes from an iPad or iPhone seems challenging. Now with our efficient HER application, the process is made more accessible.  

Ziaccu EHR Software Solution Has Straightforward Process

Pretty Solid Dashboard

Benefit from a well-organized dashboard, a streamlined to-do list, and a flexible multi-resource calendar.

Schedule Adjustment

Help the front desk stay on top of all the vital patient messages while saving time and working around your schedule.

Simple e-Prescribing

Eliminate attending phone calls period while on shift. Our EHR application is a one-stop solution with its e-prescribe feature.

Easy-to-use online laboratories

Ziaccu eLabs is a paperless process automation platform.

Straightforward Charting

Test out how quickly and easily you can make notes on patient encounters.

Connected Health System Portal

Communicate with patients and share medical and billing data safely and privately.

Protected Communication

Send and receive messages with patients, staff, and the billing department in one place.

Ready for ICD-10

You can rely on Ziaccu to help you and your business switch to ICD-10.

The Plan in Brief

You can see everything that needs your attention today at a glance.


Get an overarching perspective of your patient's critical data throughout time, including lab and crucial trend information, all on one screen for easy viewing and modification.

Get the most out of your time.

Facilitate the whole range of tasks your office workers perform, such as patient management, file uploading, and encrypted communication.

Reduced Costs for All Medications

At the time of prescription, look up and compare costs. Offering discounts to help patients save money may increase the possibility that they will actually fill their prescriptions.


Submitting error-free superbills is a click away now.

Approved for Use in Meaningful Use Stage 2

Maintain the most significant levels of privacy and security while exchanging data.

Ziaccu EHR Software Solution Has Straightforward Process

Fix A Demo

Let our EHR program expert demonstrate function and features on a live demo.

Accomplish Set Up Process

Our customized electronic health records let you access your desired tool after you input basic details.

Professional Support Is Our Forte

Our expert customer executive will ensure you are welcomed warmly. They will be available around the clock for solid support.

From day one, our EHR application has worked efficiently. We ensure that you, as a customer, face no obstacle while working on our EHR program. We offer free customer support service to our registered members.

At no additional cost, you'll have access to a personal Success Coach who will provide you with the guidance and encouragement you need to achieve your goals.

We can assist you with migrating your paper records to electronic health records that can be accessed from any web-enabled device, at any time, from any location.

Find comfort in whichever method works best for you. Whether via phone, electronic mail, or real-time chit-chat, we're here to help. We're here to provide a hand.

Frequently Asked Questions

Ziaccu Clinical EHR was explicitly made for solo practices; it was developed in collaboration with medical professionals, so it has all the essential tools and is surprisingly simple to learn and use. Minutes are all it takes to jot down a note, write up a prescription, check patient information, and generate a superbill. 

 Since Ziaccu Clinical electronic health records are hosted in the cloud, all you need is a modern web browser and access to the excellent internet.

Therefore, your patient data, insurance details, and scheduled appointments will be stored in the same place. We streamline the billing process by sending superbills from the Ziaccu Clinical EHR application to billing and performing an automated scrub of your claims.


Looking for a corporate solution? Contact us.

Kick Start With Ziaccu Clinical


Physician Provider


Physician providers will have the upper hand and can use

flawless Ziaccu clinical features.

Non-Physician Provider

PA, DC, NP, PT, OT, SLP, RN, others

As a Non-Physician and Therapist, you can also avail efficient

features of Ziaccu clinical.

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