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E-prescribing: A modern way of keeping medical records accessible

With the introduction of e-prescriptions, keeping a patient’s records intact has become easy. These e-prescriptions from providers like Ziaccu are making handling medical prescriptions easier. Pharmacies use them for checking the data and sending appropriate medicine to the patient without facing the issues like bad handwriting or lost prescriptions. A tablet, laptop, or desktop computer would be used to enter prescription information in this method. When a pharmacy receives a prescription, it can start filling it right away. Both doctors and their patients were considered when developing the Ziaccu e-Prescribing capability.


The National Provider Identifier is the primary information to identify the prescribing provider (NPI number). Before writing a prescription, the doctor will inquire as to the patient’s preferred pharmacy. The EMR is checked to see which pharmacy the patient prefers before writing the prescription. An electronic transaction is promptly sent to the patient’s selected pharmacy. The patient at the pharmacy then picks up the prescription. 

Because of this, the Ziaccu Clinical e-Prescribing process strives to enhance precision, raise patient safety, and lower costs while establishing a safe link between medical practice and pharmacy. E-Prescribing provides doctors with the knowledge and assurance they need when prescribing drugs throughout a patient’s course of care when combined with Ziaccu patient eligibility checks and patient medical histories.

Improvements in the Health of Patients.

According to the Agency for Healthcare Research and Quality (AHRQ), adverse drug events (ADEs) account for around 100,000 annual hospital hospitalizations and almost 700,000 annual ER visits. According to the FDA, about 5% of hospitalized patients develop an ADE, and rates in ambulatory care settings may be much higher. Using straightforward tabs and filters, our team at Ziaccu makes it simple to manage any prescription requests and quickly locate the data you want. 

Even though adverse drug reactions can happen for various causes, the AHRQ estimates that around half of them are avoidable, including dosage mistakes. The old paper process of prescribing, transcribing, and filling/dispensing prescriptions has historically been the source of many of these problems. Due to limitations such as limited access to the patient’s entire data, poor handwriting, and irregular ordering forms, the paper-prescribing framework is rife with several possible mistakes. This is where doctors’ prescription needs to be digitized, and we at Ziaccu serve the purpose right.  

Better for cutting down costs

We understand the extra costs you need to bear and have developed software for your e-prescription purposes. There are several ways that electronic prescription lowers healthcare expenditures. Among these include the availability of more affordable choices for providers to choose drugs, a decrease in medication mistakes that would necessitate more care, and an overall improvement in care quality that eliminates the need for continuous intervention. 

One research on e-prescribing in the ambulatory care context that was published in 2014 predicted that “cost savings owing to improved patient outcomes and fewer patient visits…could be between $140 billion and $240 billion over ten years for practices that employ e-prescribing. 

Implementing electronic prescription of controlled substances (EPCS) has been much slower for many organizations. Although adoption rates differ between states, all states currently permit it. Two-factor authentication is necessary for ECPS to enable the procedure. A smartphone app or biometric authentication of the prescribing doctor utilizing fingerprint scanning is used to accomplish this. This necessitates extra hardware, training, and auditing expenditures. 

Keeps the refill requests in the loop

Refill requests for prescription drugs can also be supported through e-prescribing. There are numerous ways for the patient to obtain a medicine refill:

  • By contacting the pharmacist, who will then electronically request a refill with the doctor, who will either approve or deny it. 
  • The pharmacist or the doctor’s office may inform the patient of the prescription’s status. 
  • Using a web-based patient portal, the patient may request a refill and have the doctor approve or deny it before sending a message to the patient’s pharmacist. 
  • A refill permission is sent to the patient’s pharmacy when the doctor’s office receives a call and either accepts or rejects the request. 

Convenient for everyone

Everyone gains convenience when doctor prescriptions are ordered using electronic prescribing software. The order is instead sent straight from the point of care. When the prescription is prepared for pickup, the pharmacy tells the patient. Ziaccu understands the importance of giving convenience to everyone and hence offer e-prescription for handling and managing patient data.  

Everything a provider may need is at their disposal; we at Ziaccu help them with the best. They are given access to the patient’s prescription history, choices for medicine that maximize treatment and decrease costs, safety measures to prevent ordering errors, and the convenience of ordering via electronic platforms available on a PC instead of making paper orders in a silo. Because of this, Ziaccu includes an Rx Saver in the clinical process. It is a technique for providers to assist their patients in locating the most affordable prescription prices offered by their neighborhood pharmacies and discounts. 

Features of e-prescribing

  • There are no additional costs. All qualifying Providers can access eRX using the Ziaccu Clinical module.
  • Simple to apply – Your NPI number, identification documentation, and an automatically confirmed and authorized medical practice are all needed for our straightforward credentialing process.
  • Automatically scans for possible drug-drug interactions or allergic reactions and sends notifications about them.
  • Providers who transmit restricted drugs electronically can participate in EPCS.
  • Integration with patient medication records from Ziaccu
  • By connecting to First Databank’s cloud-based medicine database, you’ll always know about the latest medications and stock levels.
  • Removing mistakes caused by handwritten prescriptions that are difficult to read,
  • Lowering the possibility of prescription pad theft,
  • Prescriptions are transmitted to participating pharmacies very instantly,
  • The ability to gather data to comprehend expenses, the number of prescriptions written by drug, the volume of providers, and much more,
  • Possibility of gathering information to solve the issue of excessive drug prescriptions
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