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Billing Services

We embrace holistic development within our sectors.

By enhancing their income, productivity, and workflow, you may become the means of engagement, mobility, and patient experience for your clients. On first Ziaccu claim submissions, our system enables a success rate of around 100%. Allow customers to execute eligibility checks and get out-of-network alarms through the Scheduler or handle both. They may follow refused claims in real-time, and you can change and resubmit them. Maintain the flow of your medical practice by handling their EOB reconciliations using ERAs.

Concerned by rising patient responsibility amounts after insurance, your consumers are getting frustrated. Provide them access to the Patient Responsibility Estimator in the Ziaccu scheduler so medical billing companies can use it to give patients a reliable estimate of what they will be responsible for after insurance. Give your customers a chance to get compensated! 

Integrated cloud solutions offer quick, easy, and secure access.

All Ziaccu apps are housed on our cloud platform as a fully connected ecosystem within a single database. Access and workflow are simplified by seamless information integration since client-server, VPN, and ASP system limitations are eliminated. We securely provide quick access to all your information through a browser or iPhone from anywhere, anytime, and we support your full Medtech platform. Upgrades and updates are never charged for. Interoperability with external systems is supported through the open database, ODBC, and API design. Three main advantages of one end-to-end system for medical billing companies: book more cases, get paid more quickly, and improve patient experiences. Additionally, assistance and training to ensure the success of your facility.

Analytics, Reports, and KPIs
Our system’s financial and operational reports are adaptable, strong, simple to create, and simple to understand. Create a billing system for your clients or allow them to access it at any time (your option). View them in various ways, such as dashboards, and dive into fields for more information. Almost all reports may be exported to Excel. Reports can be configured to automatically compile for the software companies. By offering useful, fast, and accurate business insight, our cutting-edge reporting and analytics technologies enable medical billing organizations to surpass the expectations of their clients. 

Utilize easily readable, easily understandable dashboards to gain visibility into invoicing performance and to provide transparency. Quickly identify chances for revenue growth, areas for development, and key performance indicators (KPIs). Analyze KPIs quickly, including collections by Total RVU, top 10 carriers, A/R trends, bespoke reports, and reimbursement patterns. With our drag-and-drop tools, you can quickly and easily create countless reports with effective charts and visuals. You have everything you need to make superior performance-driven decisions, offer knowledgeable direction, and confidently carry out your plans.

Relationships, Participation, Mobility, and The Experience

Your clients can fully utilize our Ziaccu Cloud EHR for their patients. With choices for our portal, kiosk, interactive reminders, balance-due messaging, telemedicine, and many other medical billing software features, it's great for various specializations. It's also iOS/Android compatible.

A strong management, workflow, and finance system, the multi-modality Scheduler. Maintain top-notch revenue cycle management progress.

Your customers may follow any billing system marketing campaigns or integrate with virtually any other CRM by using the system's built-in CRM.

Demographics windows that are thorough and intuitive provide access to a vast amount of patient data for you and your patients, the best medical billing software.

Your clients can scan their insurance cards and driver's licenses for hands-free data entry directly from those documents.

The Ziaccu Mobile option enables your clients' providers to do various tasks on their iPads, iPhones, and Android devices.

Connect to your clients' EHRs or give them access to our Ziaccu Cloud EHR. If an electronic health record is not required or desired, use our e-superbill instead. Medical software for medical billing shouldn't be a hassle.

Utilize special program incentives to expand your medical billing service business.

Sales assistance and support

You are given a committed team member to assist with growing customer connections and generating new business. You are qualified for Key Account Support from our most seasoned professionals to speed up order processing, onboarding, technical issue resolution, installation, and training. Receive a substantial discount on the cost of custom work and unique projects.

Sales assistance and support
Invoice Marketplace

Invoice Marketplace

Our best partners have been gathered into one sizable Marketplace community where potential physician clients may browse and find the required revenue cycle management services. We constantly advertise on social media and promote our Marketplace to our provider database. Participating in our Marketplace may gain free lead-generating opportunities and national exposure.

Guest posting on blogs

Utilize the well-known Ziaccu blog to establish your business as a thought leader and expert in the healthcare sector. By writing articles, you may increase organic traffic to your website through SEO and backlinks while also increasing the authority of your domain with external links from Ziaccu. Additionally, articles are pushed on Ziaccu’s social media pages.

Sales assistance and support
Free resources & tools for marketing

Free resources & tools for marketing

Access free tools that may be customized to support your marketing and sales activities. The flyers in our collateral library were expertly written and expertly created for use at tradeshows and other encounters with potential clients. Every page has a customizable blank spot where you can put your logo and contact details.

We are a leading name in the industry that offers excellent medical software. If you are looking for services that can help you with well-managed software, then Ziaccu is the right place. We make sure that the billing process becomes easier for you. Connect with our experts today, and our professionals will help you with the best.

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