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Hospital Billing Services

We embrace holistic development within our sectors.

Ziaccu is a full-service corporation that assists medical facilities in increasing income. We help you utilize our RCM knowledge to concentrate on providing high-quality care and enhancing the patient experience. Due to the complexity and competition of the healthcare sector, receivables are increasing, and cash flow needs to be maximized. It no longer revolves around the amount of business but rather the value it generates for the business unit. Receiving funding is a significant issue that hospitals have to overcome. Collecting the receivables requires a substantial investment of time and money. We are a well knwn place that makes it possible for you to enjoy error free and seamless services so that you can outsource your billing to us.

Outsource your billing services for a seamless working
Compliance issues and legislation have also exacerbated these difficulties. The administrative and documentation load on hospitals is growing. Significant figures in the medical field have found relief from these problems by outsourcing the RCM workflow, which is an intelligent choice. Not only does it carry out the duty, but it does it well.
Our broad expertise in RCM across several medical fields has aided us in thoroughly comprehending each phase and pursuing intelligent data analytics. We were able to develop strategic plans for hospitals to improve their RCM thanks to this. We provide comprehensive solutions for you, from billing to publishing to follow-up. We provide thorough hospital billing services, which comprise

  • The entire revenue cycle management process
  • efficient and accurate medical coding
  • Enhancements to the administrative and documentation processes
  • Effective metrics for improved analysis
  • Application services for workflow integration
  • Increasing the data’s analytical potential

The revenue cycle is becoming increasingly complicated in large-volume institutions and across specialties. Ziaccu hospital billing services can help you increase profits while using fewer resources and doing it without any inconvenience 

Our Detailed Hospital Billing ProcedureOur Detailed Hospital Billing Procedure

Verification of Insurance

We evaluate the patient's eligibility for insurance benefits under their coverage and any prerequisites, such as pre-authorization or referral, as part of this procedure. Following verification, we determine the patient's required co-payment and total deductible.

Healthcare Coding

The medical coder examines many sources in a patient's file, including the doctor's transcription, results of diagnostic tests, imaging reports, and other sources, to confirm the services provided before assigning the proper codes.

Cost Entry

Charges from patient records are added to the patient's account. If the patient has just been enlisted, we set up a new patient account and fill in all the necessary information obtained from the registration papers.

Posting of Payment

To ensure that all pertinent information about the payment is entered into the system, we carefully review the scanned EOBs (Explanation of Benefits). The data is then suitably updated in the patient accounts.


Denial Control

We pinpoint the cause of the rejection, address the problem, and resubmit the rejected claim. The gaps are filled immediately if the providence hospital billing claim is denied for insufficient information.


Follow-Up on Accounts Receivable

We seek unpaid claims to reduce the AR days as much as possible. To guarantee that denied and underpaid claims are handled and completely repaid on time, our accounts receivable management team also ensures that appeals are filed for both claims as soon as possible.


Patient Declarations

Our patient follow-up procedure of hospital medical bills ensures that any outstanding amounts are communicated to the patient for payment once an insurance claim has been processed. Following the client's requirements, we also make sure that complete patient statements are generated and filed every week or month.

Credit Amounts

After confirming that an overpayment has been made, we offer credit balance processing for both payers and patients. This program guarantees that customers receive prompt and accurate reimbursements.

Why is Ziaccu your go-to partner for outsourcing?

Billing Software

The best way to handle any hospital billing needs is by outsourcing. The complete billing and collection process is dealt with at a fraction of your existing operational costs with Ziaccu as your outsourcing partner. Our hospital billing specialists provide high-impact solutions to enhance cash flow and performance on aging accounts receivable through focused billing, follow-up, rejections & appeals management, and patient-centric account resolution.

hospital billing services

HWhy We Are a Hospital Billing Management Process Industry Leader?

We follow all HIPAA regulations as a HIPAA-compliant hospital billing provider, including the need for excellent documentation, well-defined processes, and frequent audits.

We promise our clients total data security for hospital medical bills. We rely on firewalls, VPNs, wireless, solid network systems, SSLs, and encryption methods to keep data safe and secure.

To keep our programmers informed of the continuously evolving regulations set out by regulatory authorities and other insurance payers, we regularly train them.

We conduct routine claims audits to identify weaknesses in current procedures so that they may be eliminated to ensure proper reimbursements.

We ensure excellent accuracy levels with the aid of a multi-level quality check procedure for each crucial component of hospital billing.

We rely on cutting-edge tools like MediTouch, Nextgen, and eClinicalWorks to automate hospital billing procedures and ensure steady revenue flow.

Important factors that make us the best!

The billers and coders at Ziaccu guarantee a 40% decrease in your front-end denials.

With our products, manual entry problems are resolved, and system effectiveness is increased.

  • Increasing refunds and increasing charge accuracy.
  • Posting refunds and payment modifications to aid in better cash flow.
  • Account manager dedicated to serving all of your requirements.
  • Hospital billing services of the highest caliber, without mistakes.
  • Modern infrastructure to provide top-notch services.
  • Utilize the newest equipment and technology.
  • Services that are always easily scalable.

Connect with our team at Ziaccu, and we will help you with the best services that offer quality and error-free responses. We have the best team to help you with trained and experienced professionals so that you can enjoy these services.

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